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Special Needs

Whether you are planning now for a disabled loved one or find yourself in a future crisis, we can help.

safe inheritance - special needs

Safe Inheritance for Disabled Heirs

Georgia Medicaid will claim your loved one’s inheritance at the moment you die if you have not specifically given instruction to create a third-party special needs trust in your will. Don’t have a disabled family member or beneficiary now? What if something happens and you haven’t changed your will to protect them? Avoid giving unplanned donations to the government and protect your loved ones today.

personal injury - special needs

Personal Injury Settlement Protection

Many times, disabilities occur as a result of an accident. Lawsuits are filed and the cases are resolved by settlement or jury verdict resulting in the disabled person receiving a large settlement. Make sure your loved ones keep any benefits they are receiving such as VA or Medicare benefits by asking an elder law attorney for help.

crisis protection - special needs

Crisis Protection

A crisis for someone with special needs or a disability often occurs without notice. Frequently, a crisis involves needing to find or change living arrangements or qualify quickly for benefits. We can help you decide what to do first to reach a long-term solution for a loved one with special needs.