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How to Choose a Guardian for Your Kids – 6 Things You Need to Know.

Date: Friday August 25th

Time: 2-3:00PM


Estate Planning Basics - Learn why a "simple will" leaves a mess.

Date: Friday September 15th

Time: 1-2PM EST


Probate Basics - Learn what's involved and how to avoid it.

Date: Friday September 29th

Time: 1-2PM EST


Eldercare Basics - Learn when you need help for Mom & Dad before they're broke or Medicaid takes all.

Date: Friday October 13th

Time: 11-12PM EST


Seminars, Webinars, and Other Fun Stuff

Our community seminars are a great way to get informed, learn more about estate planning, elder law, special needs and probate. Plus you get to ask questions and see if we’re the kind of firm you want to work with. The best part is that they are FREE.

Online Events

To register for an online event, you can call (770) 781–2178 or click here to fill out the contact form.

More Topics

Got a topic you want to hear about? Let us know in the form on this page. We also have a list of the topics we’ve talked about before.

  1. Basics of Estate Planning
  2. Basics of Elder Law (including details about VA and Medicaid benefits)
  3. Basics of Probate – What to do when someone dies with or without a will
  4. 4 Ways to Pay for Long Term Care
  5. How to Own Property in Georgia & What Happens When Someone Divorces/Dies or becomes Disabled
  6. Special Needs Planning – Planning for your Disabled Loved Ones
  7. How to Choose a Guardian for your Kids
  8. 10 Key Questions to Answer BEFORE You Create Your Will
  9. VA & Medicaid Benefits – Beyond the Basics
  10. 10 Key Questions to Ask BEFORE You Retire
  11. When Divorce Intersects with Estate Planning

Make your own Group. We love giving presentations to groups at local communities, churches, and clubs. Does your neighborhood or club want or need a speaker? Let us know, we’d be happy to provide a little humor and some practical tips for your next meeting or get-together.

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