Veteran’s Planning:

The veteran’s administration offers several benefits for veterans:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Disability (or Compensation) Benefits
  3. Improved Pension Benefits (with Aid and Attendance)

Most veterans are familiar with the healthcare and disability benefits from the VA but many misinterpret or have zero knowledge about the Pension Benefit. If you are already thinking that you didn’t retire from the VA so you probably don’t qualify for the pension benefit. You’re wrong. The Improved Pension Benefit is actually a “Thank You” for veterans who served during a congressional war period.

If you are a veteran and you served at least one day during a congressional war period on active duty plus 90 consecutive days before or after that single day, then you may qualify for the Veteran’s Improved Pension benefit.

Here’s what’s important to know. Don’t call the VA and ask if you qualify. They will simply tell you yes or no based on the information you give them. We can tell you how to plan to qualify. They can’t. The pension pays the veteran and his or her spouse, just the veteran or just the spouse. The benefits last a lifetime and are income tax free.

Click the link below to get the facts about congressional war periods, current pension rates, and basic qualifications. Then call us if you’d like to talk about how to plan so that you can add the VA pension benefit to your income in the years when you need home care.

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