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Elder Care and Senior Resources In Cumming Georgia

Protect yourself and simplify life as you age.

Asset Protection Trusts.

Caregiver Agreements.

Power of Attorney & Healthcare Directives.

VA & Medicaid Support.

Elder law Cumming Georgia

There is so much to think about as you age.

Knowing where to start can be incredibly overwhelming.

The process of making important decisions doesn't have to be intimidating.

Wilson Legal will help you equip yourself and your loved ones with the resources you need to live the way you want for as long as possible.

Create your custom roadmap...
with all the gas, rest stops, emergency backup plans, and alternate routes, built in.

We'll Help You Create A Plan That Fits Your Needs.

Get the help you need completing applications and important life documents.

Establish guardianships and conservatorships ahead of time.

Rest easy knowing your assets will be protected for those you love.

Having A Proactive Plan As You Age Will Empower You And Those You Love Most.

Life is unpredictable, but there are things we can plan for.

With customizable services based on your unique needs, remove stress and uncertainty about the future.

Begin with your Aging Roadmap Strategy Session

Identify programs that address the needs of aging.

Learn how much is at stake if you don't plan well.

Explore strategies for solving potential complications.

Choose the level that best protects you and your loved ones.

Level 1

Advanced Planning

Build your roadmap before you need help at home (typically ages 60+)

Understand your options before you need them.

Proactively establish your plan and guard your assets.

Empower your loved ones to take care of any emergency that may arise.

Get family members involved early in the process.

Elder law Cumming Georgia

Optional services included:

Level 2

Ongoing Support to Maintain your Plan

Add resources for issues as they arise.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that when a situation occurs, you have a plan in place.

Obtain advice from our team as your life changes.

Learn about any changes to benefits offered after you've completed your Aging Roadmap.

Adjust your planning strategy to better fit any changes in life circumstances or benefits available.

Gain clarity on consequences to inform better decision making.

Elder law Cumming Georgia

Optional services included:

Level 3

Urgent Response to Obtain Benefits

When you have less than 5 years before you need benefits, secure the support you need.

Emergencies happen. Be ready.

Develop strategies when a crisis occurs to ensure excellent care.

Secure solutions, support, and benefits less than 5 years before you need them.

Make immediate and urgent decisions based on assets and finances.

Elder law Cumming Georgia

Optional services included:

Additional Services

Elder law Cumming Georgia

We understand how easy it is to put off planning for life as we age. Laws change - usually not in your favor. That's why we've been committed to setting families up for success since 2008.

Come on over for a chat. Let's customize a plan that eases your concerns.

The right decisions today can stretch your assets as far as possible. Make a plan that will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you all deserve.