Continuing Care Program

Software and technology is often outdated the moment it hits store shelves or within a few years or from purchase. We are a society of constant upgrades and change. Your estate plan or eldercare plan is no different. Planning to protect your family and your estate does not stop after you have signed your planning documents and stowed them in your home safe. No matter how wonderful your strategy may be, it will only work if you use it and if you modify it as your family and your finances change.

With annual reviews and assessments, discounted fees for changes and online access to documents, our Continuing Care program will revolutionize your estate and/or eldercare plan. How? Without annual reviews, you run the risk of forgetting to do reviews at all. You will miss making changes to your documents when family goals change, when your financial goals change, and when the law changes. Georgia’s estate planning and eldercare sections of the state and local bars have become more active in pursuing changes in our laws that will make your life easier. But those changes only help you if you know about them and adopt them as part of your own plan or strategy.

What can go wrong?

  • You might have trouble getting a bank or other third party to accept your financial power of attorney either due to age or because the form has changed or your agent is deceased or disabled.
  • You might have trouble making medical decisions for a loved one because the person named in your directive is deceased.
  • Your executor or trustee may end up doing more work than is necessary because your plan wasn’t simplified after Estate Tax Exemptions were increased.
  • You might knock a loved one off of state or federal benefits because you gave him/her an inheritance without designating that it be placed in a Special Needs Trust.
  • Certain transfers or eldercare planning may not be expressly allowed in your power of attorney including planning for VA or Medicaid benefits or filing probate documents.
  • You could end up giving portions of your estate to family members in amounts you did not intend at the end of your life.
  • Significant assets get snatched up by a creditor because laws changed and you failed to amend your trust, corporation, or LLC to include the new rule.

Transform your static (eventually stagnant) plan into a vital, growing plan and strategy that grows with you! Stop worrying that you have missed a change in the law! Get continuing and ongoing tax deductions from regular review meetings with your estate planning attorney.

Continuing Care Program Features:

  • Annual estate and/or eldercare plan review
  • Annual estate and/or eldercare plan review
  • No-charge phone calls any time you have a question about your plan up to 1 hour (a $376 value).
  • 24/7 Emergency access to Health Care Directives for physicians and medical care providers via Free Membership in the Legal Directives Medical Access Program (a $250 value).
  • Secure online storage of all your estate plan and Continuing Care Plan documents so you can access and review your documents at anytime from anywhere.
  • Reserved seating for you and your successor trustees at our annual update on the law seminar keeping you current on changes in Georgia laws and policies.
  • Discounted rates and a $500 cap for a meeting to discuss changes when major changes are required.
  • Invitations to workshops on subjects of general interest offered throughout the year
  • Invitation to Advanced Planning Workshops offered occasionally to members of the Continuing Care Program.
  • Agent, Executor and Trustee Training Workshops for current or future agents, executors and trustees.
  • Assistance and verification of proper registration for assets acquired after your estate plan was put in place (performed bi-annually).
  • Personalized referrals to trusted Life Care professionals, Geriatric nurses, in-home care providers, Assisted Living Facility Locators, and other eldercare professionals.
  • Discounted rates for Continuing Care members transitioning into eldercare planning and strategies for initial strategy meeting.

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