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Multi-Generational Planning

multi generational planning
Multi generational planning has its challenges. We do not spend as much time thinking about the gift tax or generation skipping tax as we used to now that the exemption for generation skipping gifts and gifts in general is the same as the federal estate tax exemption of $5.49 Million. That being the case, many planners have begun to focus more on planning for more than one generation since most of our estates fit within that $5.49 million exemption.

One idea which has caught a lot of attention recently has been the Dynasty Trust. Dynasty Trusts are long-term trusts created to pass wealth from generation to generation without incurring estate or gift taxes. Some states like Florida, Nevada and Tennessee have given a Dynasty Trust a lifespan of 360 or 365 years; where some states such as Illinois, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Alaska, have trusts that can last forever.

If you have been blessed with more income or wealth than you will need for your lifetime and you have more than you desire to pass down to your children, then consider setting funds aside for the generations coming after your children in a dynasty trust.

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