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Wills v. Trusts

Bombarded by conflicting messages from alleged “experts”? When it comes to doing a will or a trust, some experts say: “Everyone needs a trust.” While other experts say: “Everyone needs a will.”  What’s the difference between a trust and a will? Why am I hearing that I must have one or the other? What am I missing out on by choosing one or the other? Which one wins?


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‘What if I don’t have a Will or Power of Attorney?’ Sara & Esther’s Story

What happens when a loved one does not have a financial power of attorney, a healthcare directive, or a will/trust?  Some parents or loved ones refuse to sign “one of those” legal documents because their mama and daddy did fine without them or they’re certain you will take all their money and put them in a home.

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Wills – For your peach of mind, and theirs.

A Will, also known as a Last Will and Testament, is a document many believe you always need. It is also a document many try to do by themselves. Not everyone needs a Will. You only need a Will if you have a “probate estate”.

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Client Testimonials

Michelle is so easy to talk to. I was nervous about meeting some stranger and having to talk about my family and all our quirks. But, with Michelle, it was easy to be honest about our family situation. She feel like she really cares about all of us – even the ones that aren’t as functional. I felt so relieved when we left. It was like a weight was lifted right off my shoulders.

It was because of Michelle telling us about the VA Pension Benefit plus Aid and Attendance and helping us get Mama qualified that we were able to keep mother in the assisted living home where she was comfortable and continue to pay her caregiver who was also a friend from church and would crawl up in the bed with Mama and lay with her toward the end. We were also able to save the family farm so that the grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to enjoy it. Mama was able to live where she wanted to live for as long as she lived. Thank you, Michelle, for helping our family do that for Mama.

I have a brother who is a special needs person. When mom died, we knew we’d need to take care of him. Mom didn’t have a special needs trust in her will so the inheritance he receives will have to be given to him. Michelle helped us understand the best ways to protect him so that he wouldn’t lose his benefits. We know what we’ll need to do, what money to spend first and we have a plan to take care of him now thanks to her.