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At Wilson Legal, we believe that clients should have the opportunity to understand the options they have before making a decision. We draw a 20-50 year roadmap for each client so that they can see how different legal tools will help them save money, enjoy state and federal benefits, leave wealth to their loved ones and charities, and avoid taxes, penalties and Medicaid estate claims.

There are four ways you can get to know us or take the next step toward the benefit you seek. Tell us what you need. Whether you become a client or we simply point you in the right direction, we love helping people get to the next step in whatever challenge they are facing.

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Here are the four ways you can learn more

  1. Newsletter: Sign up for our monthly newsletter and learn about what’s in the news.
  2. Attend a Free Event: Michelle holds free events both in person and online where you can learn about estate planning, elder law, probate and special needs. We also describe our process for working with clients and give you the real deal when it comes to the speeds for approval and free resources you can use. You also have a chance to ask general questions at these events so you can find out more about the benefits you could have.
  3. Fill in the form below for a call back from one of our team members and enjoy a few minutes to chat with someone who can confirm how we can help.
  4. Schedule a strategy session: Already know that you need to get some help for the results and benefits you want? Great! We can schedule a strategy session where we will review your personal situation and give you the best solutions moving forward then you pick the option and we’ll get to work. If you already know you need to go through a process like probate or guardianship, we’ll meet and review the process with you.
    1. Many strategy sessions have a little information form to fill in and bring with you either online or on a printed form. We ask you to do this so that we have the information we need to jump start our progress.
    2. Our strategy sessions are paid appointments. Wondering why? Check out the link to this video where our attorney, Michelle Wilson, explains why this is actually a benefit for you and avoids wasting your time.


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